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The tour begins in the natural harbor of Port St. Anthony, which until 1982 housed a village known as Vila Tamandaré, whose ruins can still be seen. Today it is used as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for vessels arriving on the island. There is a major attraction on the part of an ancient Greek ship which sank in the waters.

The first pass is called the Islands Secondary. Themes of poems and songs that spread to the four corners of their beauty, these islands are situated around Fernando de Noronha. These small islands, islets and cliffs formed a single block that was separated over millions of years of sea erosion, thus forming a landscape belíssim.

Leaving Islands Secondary, passed in Praia do Cachorro. Being a beach lot used for the practice of surf, Praia do Cachorro used to have a water spout sweet dog with a face sculpted in bronze. The sculpture no longer exists, but the freshwater bath is guaranteed. Close to the Beach Dog is the Morro do Pico. It is the most beautiful and important natural monument of the island. There are the ruins of Fort Santa Cruz Pico, which was destroyed by an avalanche in the nineteenth century.

The next passage is in the Bay of Pigs. Famous for its beauty, it is formed by stones and rocks almost no stretch of sand. There are natural pools that are impressive because of the variety of marine life and colorful beauty that form. This marine life can be closely observed by visitors through apnea (diving).

Following, we passed the tip of the shoe. Despite having a beautiful view to be appreciated, there is an area for bathing. An opening in the cliff is called "gate" where, from some angles can be likened to the map of Brazil seen during the boat tour.

After the tip of the shoe, we at Dolphin Bay. The high point of the tour, this bay is the site of mating and resting of hundreds of dolphins and is considered the largest natural aquarium in the world of this kind. Dolphins can also be seen from the top of the Bay, the Dolphin Lookout.

Voted the most beautiful beach in Brazil, has a look that is able to charm anyone. Therefore, the Happy Days makes a stop 45 minutes so that visitors can make the most of its clear waters and enjoy the lush flora and fauna of the place. Access to this bay can only be done by sea or by a ladder stuck in a crevice of your cliff. The place is one of the few on the island that allows vessels to stop bath without causing damage to corals.

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